The haste with which a public hearing was pushed through for Sesa Sterlite’s expansion of its Lanjigarh facility in Kalahandi, Odisha leads to the assumption that perhaps the acche din promised by the new government are actually for the corporate sector. There seems to be an overt and covert effort to ensure that big corporate houses take over the development projects at the cost of local communities and natural resources. The Dongria Kondhs who have been opposing the expansion have been paying the price in terms of daily repression and arbitrary arrests.

Amiya Kumar Das ( is faculty at the Tezpur University, Assam; Nigam ( is a freelance writer and translator based in Bhubaneswar; and Ranjana Padhi ( is an activist and writer based in Delhi.

The promise of acche din indeed seems to be coming true for corporate houses, never mind about the others. In less than two months of the new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government coming to power, the alacrity with which a – Read more



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