Farming Activities

Text from:The Hindu Dated: July 3 2014 By B. S. SATISH KUMAR

The recommendations of the ICAR committee with a theme — “Attracting and Retaining of Youth in Agriculture (ARYA)” had been scrutinised by the vice-chancellors of all the agricultural universities in the country, agricultural experts and innovative farmers before forwarding to the Planning Commission.

University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore Vice-chancellor K. Narayana Gowda, who headed the ARYA Committee, told The Hindu that the Committee had recommended that a Rs. 200-crore pilot project should be taken up in 30 different places across the country to motivate the rural youth to remain in agriculture. “The prospects of agriculture are getting affected because of the youth shunning farming and migrating to cities in search of menial jobs. The only way of attracting them to agriculture is to turn farming into a profitable venture. The proposed project aims at not only making farming a profitable venture, but also increasing the farmers’ incomes by three folds in five years,” Dr. Gowda noted.

According to him, efforts will be made to increase the farmers’ incomes under the proposed project through various technological interventions depending upon the local requirements and bringing about –Read more


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