There are news events from different parts of India, they can be usually categorized as politics, entertainment, crime, developmental news. This site is about developmental issues. About how we are faring, as a nation, in the area of maternal child nutrition, food, environment, etc.

This site is not about politics. Its about developing stories around issues of human development, to that extent it is also politics; it would look at the policies of the state and its impact on human potential.

Graffiti has since its beginnings in January 2012, focused on issues of social development, about how the distance between state and people has deleterious effect on the them. They are uprooted time and again, or they go hungry as the mechanism for public distribution is unable to reach them.

India’s record, as everyone knows, in social development hasn’t been remarkable, the statistics cause widespread pessimism as state is unable to come out with workable action programs. The UNDP report makes for a grim reading; the annual publication tries to be optimistic and points to positive developments, however, the grim realities of a floundering economy, ever higher food prices bring newer challenges.

The site would discuss the issues and point to stories that bring hope.


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